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Affordable Foundation Repair in Houston

Foundation repair can be necessary for many reasons, and can affect both homes and businesses. Homeowners don’t always realize just how serious a small crack in the wall can be, putting their family in possible danger. Businesses can also easily be affected. The commercial industry, especially, needs to take special care in their investigation of foundation health and issues that arise. Liability for their employees’ well-being is at stake, as well as any individual under their roof. Under what conditions would a foundation repair in Houston be necessary? And just what does a foundation repair entail?

The Basics

The flat surface that a home or business is built on is considered the building’s foundation. Occasionally, there are naturally-occurring issues that can cause shifts and changes in the earth, which can affect the soil below these foundations. The structural integrity of buildings depends on solid ground. Without it, cracked walls and basement floors can result, leading quickly to breaks!
• Traditional Foundation: This type of foundation relies on the stability beneath, utilizing a frame and concrete flooring. In areas where the ground is likely to shift, these foundations can last for a lengthy period of time. However,
• Block and Base Foundation: The piers and beams that assist in the support of your building’s flooring work more effectively than traditional styles to maintain your foundations strength. However, the soil conditions that this construction style must endure can lead to weakened materials, leaving your structure unlevel and unsafe.

Signs And Symptoms

Every home seems to have some wear and tear in the form of cracks on the wall or in flooring; this is all normal, right? Wrong! These symptoms can indicate structural damage that, if not seen to properly, can cause irreversible damage to your home or business. Here are just a few of the signs that you may have a problem with the structural integrity of your building:
• Vertical cracks in a wall
• Horizontal cracks in a wall
• Uneven concrete floors
• Settled concrete floors or stoops
• Floor framing sags
When these types of indicators are noticed, a professional Houston foundation repair company should be contacted immediately. The Slab Guys can take the signs and symptoms of your structure’s issue, and immediately determine if further assessment is needed.

Let Us Fix The Problem

Our technicians are highly skilled, able to offer you the most professional service at a foundation repair cost you can afford.

Find The Issue

Our foundation repair company, knowing that no two foundation problems are the same, begins with a full physical assessment. We crawl underneath, visually inspect below and above ground, and ask questions to determine if your foundation could be damaged or compromised. Once the need for repair or replacement has been determined, our company can relay an initial estimate and engineering report, giving you an immediate glance at what your foundation repair cost will include.
Some issues are due to incorrect installation, and not at all due to the natural shifting of the soil. Builders that have cut corners and used lower quality materials can also influence the future foundational structure of your home or office. In addition to this cause, other factors that can lead to a diminished foundation include termites, poor drainage, poor ventilation, and improperly maintained plumbing.

Correct The Issue

House leveling, foundation leveling, and pier and beam leveling can be completed by our experienced technicians, along with many other repair needs. Whether your structure needs a foundation replacement or repair, The Slab Guys are ready to complete each task with expertise and professionalism. Framing replacement, flooring, or even wall repair, is within our foundation repair company’s purview. The structural engineering background we hold allows us to fix the issues you have – permanently. Rather than simply patching up the cracks in the wall, we base our repairs on the original cause of the cracked walls or sloping floors you see.

Follow Up On The Issue

We not only value expertise in our technicians’ job skills, but in their customer service skills as well. As our client, your satisfaction is the most important step in any repair. Even after our work concludes, the service you paid for continues, ensuring that all final engineering reports are completed and plumbing tests performed. Our technicians value highly the clientele we serve, and seek to maintain that high standard by providing significant amounts of time to each customer.

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If you are looking for a professional Houston foundation repair company, give The Slab Guys a call. We will be happy to answer questions, perform inspections, and get you started on the task of making your structure safe once again.

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