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How To Choose The Right Foundation Repair Contractor

Signs Your Houston Home Has Foundation Problems

Houston is no stranger to foundation issues, and finding the right company to take care of your needs can be challenging. Issues can range from a few cracks in your interior walls, to outright slopes in your basement floor.
Here are some other basic signs and symptoms that may indicate you have a foundational problem:
• Windows are difficult to open and close
• Cracked walls
• Uneven portions of slab
• Doors that are difficult to open and close
All of these can indicate a problem of settling soil underneath a foundation. House leveling, pier and beam leveling, and foundation leveling are all repair options that our company can easily complete for you.
Once you know that you need to call a foundation specialist right away, the task of searching out the perfect contractor can be daunting. The Slab Guys have found some simple solutions for choosing the right contractor to assess and repair your foundation problems. Use them to evaluate your top competitors for the job.

Experienced Foundation Contractors

This should be a major factor in choosing a foundation repair company. The experience that the company as a whole, and that each technician has, should be taken into account during your initial search. How many years has the company been in business? Furthermore, how many years has the owner or manager been working in that industry? This kind of information is important, since no two houses are alike. Both homes and business structures have come from a variety of backgrounds and time periods, and you need a contractor who will understand exactly how your foundation was made.

The Foundation Repair Technique

What technique does this particular foundation repair contractor utilize when performing repairs on various structures? Find out why they have chosen that technique, and ask about their experience with other forms of repair. While some contractors may have significant experience in a particular repair technique, that may not be the best style to provide your permanent solution.

Their Process

Investigate the processes that each contractor utilizes when assessing your property, and completing the repair. What does the assessment process entail? Will the technician physically see the problem, or do they complete their assessment via phone or internet form? While repairing the problem quickly is ideal, the best contractor will be able to tell you the cause of the issue, and the steps to preventing it further on down the road.
Additionally, find out what measures the company’s technicians take to protect the client’s personal belongings during each repair. How do they intend to minimize interior damage during the foundational repair? These are important aspects to consider. You want a contractor who is involved in every part of your foundation repair. This ensures that the job gets done right – the first time.

The Contractors Longevity

You are seeking a permanent solution to your problem, and the Houston foundation crack repair company you choose should be looking for that as well. Solutions that seem to indicate a further need for maintenance should be dismissed immediately. These contractors will only nickel and dime you, until you realize that the problem can be permanently fixed with the service of another company. Ask each foundation repair contractor about preventing these problems in the future. By finding out this information, you are not just gaining valuable facts to keep your structure intact, but also finding out just how knowledgeable this contractor is. Ultimately, the more knowledgeable your contractor, the more permanent your solutions will be.

The Slab Guys

The Slab Guys are your go-to Houston foundation repair company. Our technicians are incredibly knowledgeable, and take the time to make sure you completely understand the problem before repair proceedings are attempted. With the help of our foundation repair contractors, your foundation will be repaired and you will be informed of how to avoid structural damage in the future. We are here to help you take care of your home or business – now and ten years from now.
We are experienced in house leveling, foundation leveling, pier and beam foundation repair, and so much more. With so many differences in the foundations of structures, our technicians have taken the time to study each and every type, knowing immediately what kinds of problems are common to each type of foundation. This enables them to more accurately determine the cause of your structural deterioration, and repair it quickly as well. Our company strives to help clients maintain safe and strong buildings, by using our expertise in construction and customer service. Contact us today to find out how we can help you keep your building intact!

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